It may be a new year, but the world’s chaos never quite goes away, now does it? If you find yourself in need of some immediate unwinding, then we might just have the thing for you. Everything Is Noise is delighted to bring you French indie pop trio Rien Faire and the music video for their latest single “Le sel de guirlande” – a quaint track that finds strength in the embrace of simplicity.

The song alone is instantly approachable from the get-go, displaying a laid-back demeanor whose charm is easy to lose yourself into. This is, however, contrasted by the fact that it also introduces a myriad of instruments interacting with each other throughout – from chiptune samples and bassoon leads to toy glockenspiels accompanying subtle hammond organ passages. It all never feels intrusive, though; there’s a sense of tranquil wonder to the songwriting that never comes off as boisterous. Additionally, the bass, drums and vocals lay a foundation on the track that is concise yet flexible, further adding that adventurous sensation that ultimately makes this song a joyful listen.

Even more charming is the music video, showcasing a playful choreography and overall slice-of-life sceneries that further highlight the casualness of it, making “Le sel de guirlande” that much more approachable. Find the trio out and about in parks, railway tracks, and cafés as they play some of the instruments used on the song in such a matter-of-fact manner that you can’t help but smile at the quirkiness of it all. It’s for sure a wholesome and fitting video for the music in question.

“Le sel de guirlande” is the second single off the upcoming sophomore Rien Faire record Peuple, which will be released on February 3 through Dur & Doux. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp and make sure to follow the label’s website for any further updates!

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