We usually get great music from Norway. Like good prog, good indie pop, good black metal. But great noise rock? That’s pretty rare. Hailing from Oslo, Deathcrush play an emulsion of noise rock and no wave, and they will showcase their interesting style with their new album Megazone.

Megazone will be out May 31 via Apollon Records, which is easily one of my favorite labels around at the moment. They usually provide us with fantastic Norwegian prog, but here we are, and you can stream a noise fest with their new track “State Of The Union”.

“State Of The Union” is a great example what Deathcrush are capable of. Abrasive noise and a nearly demonic vibe are immediately noticeable once the song starts. There isn’t that much happening throughout the tune, and the band use this monotony very cleverly to create a maelstrom of fuzz which captivates the listener. Disguised with no wave, garage and noise rock sensibilities, there is an ever-present layer of meditation underneath. You are probably frenzied at first, but once you give in, the slightly cacophonous nature of the track will be a gateway into its twisted comfort.

You can follow Deathcrush through their website, Facebook, Instragram and Bandcamp. Please keep in mind that their new album Megazone will be out May 31 via Apollon Records.

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