There has been no shortage of great music in 2020 and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Everything Is Noise is proud to introduce and premiere a brand new band with a rather wild name: ASSES! Founded by Markus Siegenhort (Lantlos), Christian Kolf (Valborg), and their drummer Patrick Schroeder – ASSES originally started producing noises as a grindcore band before settling on their current tone which blends the likes of emo with garage and noise rock.

We are premiering their debut single “Friday Shyday” off of their upcoming EP Feelings of a Boy that will be released September 25, 2020 on Wolves and Vibrancy Records. “Friday Shyday” displays the band’s noise rock and metal background immediately opening up with ear-piercing guitar feedback. Transitioning into an infectious headbanging rhythm that has you getting jacked up. The vocals are heavily distorted adding a very intriguing layer to the chaos. Easily comparable to Queens of the Stone Age and The Melvins, the song brings nostalgia to the forefront of your brain.

When it comes to the band’s origin they have a simple ‘no big story, just big dreams’ approach. As for the name, the band had this to say:

‘It was just a gut feeling. We were unsure about the name, but we always came back to it. It feels just right, because the whole topic is about losers – cool losers. Everything is exaggeratedly bad. You are at a party, maybe you weren’t even invited, but you are still there, wearing your new black metal shirt, no-one cares about you.’

Reminiscent of ’90’s sludge grunge, ASSES leave us patiently sitting on our asses waiting for Feelings of a Boy to release and hoping that tours and live music return soon so we can bang our heads and raise a beer or two at a show!

Keep up to date with Asses on Wolves and Vibrancy Records’ website.

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