White Ward are going on their second European tour since the release of their new record, Love Exchange Failure! We at Everything Is Noise had an eye on White Ward for quite a while now – their debut record, Futility Report, impressed many of us, and we even reviewed their last album (read more here). Their rich blend of noir jazz with thoughtful, poetic post black metal is extremely unique, so to catch a glimpse of their dark, saxophone-enhanced magic live would be an awesome way to spend an evening. If you are among the people excited to see them, here are the tour dates:

12/04 – Budapest, A38 Hajó
13/04 – Innsbruck, p.m.k
14/04 – Bern, TBC
16/04 – Tilburg, Roadburn Festival 2020
18/04 – Annaberg, Jugendkulturzentrum “Alte Brauerei”
20/04 – Gdansk, Drizzly Grizzly
21/04 – Katowice, Katofonia jazz&blues club
22/04 – Prague, MusicClub Modrá Vopice

For anyone still unsure whether or not you should see them on this tour, here’s a little excerpt from our writer Jake’s review:

The ability to create a set of songs that keep things this tightly grouped emotionally, but are varied and diverse in instrumentation and delivery, is a feat that White Ward should be proud of. Using their already established musical identity of jazz and post-black metal to make an album about urban despair was also a savvy move.

You can go follow White Ward on Facebook and on Bandcamp.

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