Hello wonderful friends of Everything Is Noise. Welcome to another premiere brought you by the good folks in Pyjamarama! Pyjamarama is a super fun and uplifting indie band with some definite psychedelic influences. If you need something to revitalize your day, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

The album in question today is titled Simple Living and will be released February 21, 2020. This will be Pyjamarama‘s second full-length release, but their first as a three-piece band. You can expect to hear some psychy, rhythm-based tunes with nice harmonies all wrapped up in a catchy package while they sing about UFOs, geometrical fiction, outer-space communication, and dice games. All that to say, we’re in for a killer good time. Instead of using words to describe to their sound, why don’t we use their music to describe it. As always, Everything Is Noise is very excited to premiere new and interesting music – let’s take an ear gander at Pyjamarama‘s Simple Living, shall we? You can preorder here from their label A Tant Rêver Du Roi.


Okay, back to using words. I’ll be the first to admit that my jams are all about the sadness – the more depressing the song, the happier I am! Truthfully, I always like exceptions and Pyjamarama is certainty that for me. This is some of the most upbeat and happy shit I have heard in a long time and have actually enjoyed. The fun and positive rhythms mixed with the lighthearted singing and the bright synths all come together to create a really enjoyable package of goodness. It almost feels like an album out of season, like it was made for summer, or at the very least to remind us all that summer still exists out there. Simple Living is standing between winter and ourselves to keep those seasonal blues at bay.

“Signals” opens up with record with a persistent synth melody as the rest of the instruments and vocals are slowly introduced. From then on, we get the full Pyjamarama giving us everything we need.  Up next is “FlatLand” which has this over-driven, loud bass line at the beginning until the song stops dead and begins anew in a completely different direction. “FlatLand” is a definite stand out for me while “Pitfall” is another. We get a high-pitched and slightly off kilter synth and guitar combination until this funky rhythm pipes in and leaves us dancing away to the strangeness in our ears. That is until the track veers off to do its own thing again. If you’re feeling tired of the white and grey that winter has to offer, then step into this artificial brightness full of vitamin D and warm brain hugs that is Pyjamarama‘s Simple Living.

Now that you’ve watched them super illegally graffiti their city with water *gasp*, you should follow Pyjamarama on their social media platforms! You can find them over at Facebook, Tumblr (of all places), and their label site A Tant Rêver Du Roi. Again, you can preorder the album right here.

Pyjamarama is super fun to type out!

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