New York based bass and drum tech metal duo Bangladeafy have just released their first single, “Ribboncutter” off their upcoming LP by the same name. Ribboncutter will be released on September 21st through Nefarious Industries, with vinyl options available in the weeks to follow.

Drummer Atif Haq and Bassist/synth player/vocalist Jon Ehlers have once again delivered a high energy blast of unique, guitar-free tech metal with punky vocals that inspire feelings of resistance and uprising. The synth work on the track creates a fairly abrasive and disconcerting vibe, and it fucking rules!

Regarding the Ribboncutter single, Ehlers says:

‘The song is live synths and live drums. No bass for that one, but still heavy as fuck. I came up with the rhythm when I was on a trip in the jungles of Costa Rica and I couldn’t shake it the entire trip.’

Considering the fact that Bangladeafy didn’t even touch their most deadly weapon -the bass- on this track, I’m intrigued to hear how they utilize it in the other tracks on Ribboncutter.

Pre-orders for Ribboncutter can be found at the Nefarious webshop and Bandcamp.

Ribboncutter track list:

1. Big Scissor
2. Prisoner Swap
3. Espionage
4. Steam
5. Ribboncutter
6. Swamp Gat
7. Allegations
8. North
9. Conch
10. Sea Plane


Keep up with all things Bangladeafy on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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