The multi-venue progressive metal festival, Progfest, has just announced the dates and lineup for their 2019 event. Featuring over 40 bands, in three different cities, this is a great chance for anyone in the southern hemisphere to see some world class acts.

The lineup is pretty extensive and changes depending on the venue, but some key headlining acts include international names such as The Ocean, Monuments and Skyharbour alongside locally grown exports from both Australia and New Zealand. These include Circles, Chaos Divine, Opus Of A Machine and Glass Ocean from Australia and City of Souls and Toehinder from New Zealand.

As the festival is held over three different venues in three different cities, the headliners listed above stay the same, but the support bands are different each time. The details for the 3 shows are:

Saturday January 6 – The Croxton, Melbourne

Headliners, inc. Bear The Mammoth, Transience, Mushroom Giant, Figures, Khan, Ebonivory, The Valley Ends, Red Lotus, M0DAL1TY, Neo Relic

Sunday January 7 – The Factory Theatre , Sydney

Headliners inc. Lo!, Hemina, Red Bee, Anubis, SEIMS, SNVFF, Hashshashin, Sevsons, Shanghai, Numidia

Monday January 8 – The Valley Drive In / The Brightside, Brisbane

Headliners inc. Aerials, Kodiak Empire, Hazards Of Swimming Naked, Magenta Voyeur, Flynn Effect, Mass Sky Raid, Sum Of Us, The Stranger, Therein, Seraphic

In addition to the festival, both The Ocean and Monuments are playing additional shows later in January that you might want to check out:


Wednesday, January 23: Valhalla, Wellington
Thursday, January 24: Galatos, Auckland
Tuesday, January 29: Jive, Adelaide
Wednesday, January 30: Badlands, Perth

The Ocean

Thursday, January 24: Badlands, Perth
Friday, January 25: Jive, Adelaide
Thursday, January 31: Valhalla, Wellington
Friday, February 1: Club Tavern, Christchurch
Saturday, February 2: Galatos, Auckland

The prog scene is alive and healthy down here and it’s thanks to events like Progfest, now celebrating its 10th year, that we can enjoy world class acts such as these.

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