New Zealand alternative pop quartet Yumi Zouma have announced their new album called Truth or Consequences. As have previous records by this group, Consequences or Truth will again focus on distance. With the members sitting all over the world, it’s no surprise that they took up this topic again, although they talk more about the emotional aspect of it than the physical one. The album will be released through Polyvinyl Records, Inertia Music, and Rallye Label / Rallye Co.,Ltd. on March 13th, but the band have already gifted us two tracks to sweeten the wait.

“Cool For A Second” is a sweet, somewhat nostalgic-sounding three-minute piece. With its warm, analog synth sounds, dark drums, and reverb-drenched everything, the track seems to draw from dream pop influences. You could almost talk about a Beach House-vibe here. Not unlike them, Yumi Zouma know exactly when the vocals should be quiet and introspective or sweet and dreamy.

“Right Track / Wrong Man” on the other hand has a funky disco feel, with wonderful harmonies between the female and male vocals. Pumping bass lines, synthetic horn sounds, and a warm tape production style hammer this retro-disco theme home. The blurry-daydream chorus is undercut by the melancholic lyrics, giving the track depth and contrast.

You can follow Yumi Zouma on Bandcamp and Facebook; pre-order the record here.

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