Hi kids, do you like violence? Then this is the news of the day for you. Hardcore/beatdown standouts Knocked Loose have officially announced a new album called A Different Shade of Blue! If you know anything about Knocked Loose, you know we are in for a hell of a ride. The album announcement comes with the lead single to get everyone hyped, and in typical fashion, it goes hard.

Their new single “…And Still I Wander South” is Knocked Loose doing what they do best, a heavy and jarring cavalcade of riffs and the harsh vocals of Bryan Garris cutting through the mix like a knife. It makes me want to jump up and throw something across my living room, so I think they are once again doing something right. I don’t know what it is about these dudes, but listening to them gets me pumped unlike almost anything else.

A Different Shade of Blue comes as a bit of a surprise after the band’s sudden EP drop just last month in Mistakes Like Fractures. I was saddened to think that we wouldn’t get another full release from the band yet, but they definitely had an ace up their sleeve. I already feel “…And Still I Wander South” more than the entire three-track EP and cannot wait to hear the rest of this album. When you have such a good lead single to build hype, it’s a given. Probably the most enticing thing to me now is the fact that “…And Still I Wander South” clearly ends where another track begins. The ambient outro suddenly builds for a moment in the final seconds, ending with a sharp inhale that is likely leading into more of the crushing vocals synonymous with Knocked Loose. If they wanted my attention, they did a great job. I can’t wait to hear the track this outro leads into, as I’m sure it will be just as heavy as the rest.

Take a look at the tracklist and album art for A Different Shade of Blue:

1. Belleville
2. Trapped In The Grasp Of A Memory
3. A Serpent’s Touch (Ft. Emma Boster)
4. By The Grave
5. In The Walls
6. Guided By The Moon
7. Mistakes Like Fractures
8. Forget Your Name (Ft. Keith Buckley)
9. Road 23
10. …And Still I Wander South
11. Denied By Fate
12. Misguided Son

A Different Shade of Blue is available to pre-order now. The album will release on August 23 via Pure Noise Records, and there are a ton of bundles to choose from with different LP variants and merch so be sure to check them out! And of course, follow Knocked Loose on Facebook for more news!

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