If you’re unfamiliar with Author & Punisher, let me get you up to speed. This is an industrial doom metal act made up of exactly one person, Tristan Shone, who custom builds each instrument that he uses. Novelty aside, the music that emanates from these machines is atmospheric and incredibly nuanced. With a Relapse Records deal now in place, Author & Punisher are set to release Beastland, and today we get to hear the first taste of new material. Check out the video for “Nihil Strength” below!

The video showcases all of the homespun instrumentation that Shone has constructed, including an incredibly cool microphone. As for the song itself, it’s far more melodic than I anticipated, and I have found myself smashing the replay button this video. In addition to the new song, the full track listing and cover were revealed.

1. “Pharmacide”
2. “Nihil Strength”
3. “Ode to Bedlam”
4. “The Speaker is Systematically Blown”
5. “Nazarene”
6. “Apparition”
7. “Night Terror”
8. “Beastland”

Beastland is available for pre-order now via Author & Punisher‘s Bandcamp and the Relapse Records store in a variety of formats and some sweet vinyl pressings!

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