New York based trio House of Waters will be releasing a new record on February 15, 2019. The new album, Rising, will be released on GroundUp MusicHouse of Waters‘ second record with GroundUp. This new record couldn’t be coming out at a better time. If you follow House of Waters or the other wonderful artists with GroundUp, you would know that the third annual GroundUp Music Festival is happening the weekend of February 8th to the 10th in North Beach, Miami! So if you are lucky enough to be at the festival, you can pick up Rising a few days early there. I’ll be there!

Rising is available for pre-order on multiple platforms here. Along with the pre-order is a beautiful cover of Sting‘s “Shape of My Heart”, which will be on RisingHouse of Waters‘ version of “Shape of My Heart” is as stunning as the original, but with their own signature twist. Bassist Moto Fukushima provides the rhythm and melody on his six string Fodera while drummer Ignacio Rivas Bixio lays back on this number and adds light work on the rims of the drums, along with bass drum accents. Max ZT performs the vocal parts from Sting on the hammered dulcimer. It’s an extremely pleasant cover, and I’m confident the rest of the album will follow suit with masterful performances by Max ZT, Fukushima, and Rivas Bixio.

The tracklist for Rising is as follows:

1. Renew
2. Kites
3. When I Play
4. Wedding Song
5. The Wall
6. Together
7. Midnight
8. Shape Of My Heart

You can follow House of Waters on their Facebook, Instagram, and official website for tour dates and further info. The pre-orders for Rising are available here.

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