While Texas noise maniacs Street Sects may have chosen Gentrification as the title of their series of EPs, nothing could be further from the truth as far their take on abrasive industrial music. With the announcement of their penultimate EP in the series – Gentrification IV: Suspended from Gallery Rails, set to drop November 22 – we get a look at what to expect with the accompanying single “Tomorrow is a Trap,” which can be listened to below:

With its shriek-to-scream vocals evoking the more aggressive stylings of Deftones’ Chino Moreno, percussive delivery calling to mind early 90s rap metal, quiet-to-loud dynamics, and Street Sects’ signature angular tonal shifts, IV appears set to further develop the more groove-oriented approach of III… without compromising on the ferocity of I, or the creepiness of II.

The sounds on “Tomorrow is a Trap” line up nicely with Street Sects‘ thoughts on what the whole thing represents:

…as always, popularity and influence are the most valuable social currencies, and nothing bolsters exposure and interaction like waving a flag for a supposed cause. The irony of this topic being weaved into the narrative of a self serving, monetized, navel-gazing piece of ‘art’ is not lost upon us, but we invite you, the consumer, to pull the pencil from the writers hand and shove it deep into our one good eye…until you feel the graphite connect with gray matter. We’re as tired of this bullshit as you are.

Abrasive, and straight to the point. At least we have their chaotically catchy tunes to make the bullshit a little better. Stay tuned for the EP, and be sure to check out Street Sects on Facebook and Bandcamp. The EP is also available for pre-order on their label The Flenser.

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