New album premiere alert! Come one, come all and join Everything Is Noise in another fantastic album premiere. Today, we have Maria Neckam gracing us with a new album titled The Leap. Maria brings a whole new approach of songwriting to the table with this release coming after some serious soul searching before starting the record. A quick perusal of the album by yours truly has told me that there is a wide variety of songs to be found within The Leap. Maria weaves through emotions from one track to another with some being sad and melancholic while others are happy and upbeat – and, of course, everything in between. When speaking on her record, Maria says:

‘This whole album is the aftermath of me hitting the reset button in my life. I got out of a long relationship and vowed to never repeat the same pattern again. I also decided that my music would change and embarked on a new journey, looking to live more true to myself than ever. I found myself, in the shambles of my life, and built my new life on the simple question ‘What do I want to do?’ I decided I wouldn’t do anything anymore that makes me feel bad or just doesn’t feel right, and here we are, a few years later. Still crazy, but happier than ever.’

Well, let’s take a listen together shall we?! Everything Is Noise is very proud to present Maria Neckam‘s The Leap.

Whether or not this style of music is for you, you have to admit that this record encompasses a life lived. The stories which are laid down by Maria are unapologetically written, but also contain her quirky identity. As I mentioned above, there is a wide variety of emotions and different styles of tracks in The Leap. You get the volatile tracks like “Happier” and “Temporary Ally” and the more subdued intimate moments in “Hazel Eyes” and “Like a Lion”. There’s a little bit for everyone here, but I personally enjoy the lower tempo tracks like “I Had a Love” and “Familiar”, the bookends of The Leap. Maria Neckam really has gifted us a slice of herself as she explores the world around her and continues to evolve as a person and a songwriter.

Thanks again for taking the time to journey into new music territory with us! If you liked what you heard make sure you follow Maria Neckam on Facebook, Twitter, Bandsintown, and Instagram. You can pick up her music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify for all sorts of variety.

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