Ready for a new VOLA song? They just released a new song called “Ghosts”, and it’s totally different from what you might expect!

VOLA recently released the first single off their upcoming Applause Of A Distant Crowd. “Smartfriend” (more on it here) is a very rhythm-focussed, heavy-hitting song. Besides that heavy and chuggy component, it offers a very vocal-driven and balanced vibe. “Ghosts” follows in this direction, taking up up the vocal-centric aspect of “Smartfriend”. Indeed, the synthesizers on this new song sound very radio-suitable and remind of some soft rock songs that unashamedly go the commercial way. Asger Mygind’s vocals on “Ghosts” are entirely clean and create a good amount of catchiness, while also underlining the song’s melodic component.

The unique selling point of VOLA‘s “Ghosts” is its chorus. It’s really catchy, and could easily be considered more of a pop song than metal. The use of a jazz bass adds a very warm tone to the otherwise very clean sound.

Here are some hard facts:

“Ghosts” doesn’t have a breakdown. It doesn’t have rhythm-appealed sections. And it also doesn’t feature any harsh vocals.

But does it sound strange because of that? No!

For a progressive metal-orientated band, it’s super nice to do something else than only a bunch of heavy songs. VOLA managed to make me keen on Applause Of A Distant Crowd. Their latest album InMazes also had a clean, fragile, and emotional song with “Emily”, so it seems like VOLA gave this aspect of their music more attention and made it into a proper song (“Emily” was more of an interlude for their song “Gutter Moon”). As far as the two released singles go, we will likely get an interesting and diverse record. Adam Janzi does a great job on the drums and Martin Werner has more to do on synthies than before.

I’m curious, which single do you like more? Are you a fan of the heavy side of VOLA, or do you also enjoy the soft and fragile parts of their music? Applause Of A Distant Crowd releases on October 12 via Mascot Records. The band will be touring with Monuments and Kadinja in support of the former’s new record Phronesis this fall, including an appearance at Euroblast. Find all dates and further information here.

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