The UK based technical/melodic death metal group Cognizance have announced the details of their first full-length album Malignant Dominion, set to be released on September 6t. The first single from the album, titled “Strychnine Shift”, was also made available through REVOLVER Magazine and can be viewed below.

The track features guest appearances from vocalist Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy and guitarist Mendel bij de Leij, formerly of Aborted. It is an aggressive, intense, and precise cut showcasing exactly why the band have been making significant waves lately. The production is clear and heavy enough to kick your teeth in. By the end of the four minutes of terror, you’ll be looking into their past releases, eager to hear more.

Cognizance was formed as a studio project during 2012, growing to a full band dimension later on. The band has released three EPs and a demo alongside single releases since their inception, most recent being a track called “The Organic Citadel” that will also appear on the album. Cognizance have been cooking an ambitious mixture of extremes, building a steady following and a good amount of anticipation for the full-length. Their legwork also landed them a deal with Prosthetic Records.

The album will again include some high-end features in addition to the aforementioned. They’ve recruited personnel from The Faceless, Extol, and Crotchduster. The guest list might feel immense, but the band has always managed to integrate the guest appearances well. Instead of being dull or even exploitative, they bring a touch of fresh angles and influences along with them. Earlier collaborators include the likes of Frank Mullen from Suffocation and Justin McKinney from The Zenith Passage.

Check out the artwork and tracklist and for Malignant Dominion below:

1. Nocturnal Emission
2. A Lesson Through Sickness
3. The Organic Citadel
4. Malignant Domain
5. Strychnine Shift
6. Ether of the Void
7. Unforeseen Consequences
8. An Existential Battle

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