Well, who would’ve thought that we’d be getting a new Azusa album this soon? The band formed around former The Dillinger Escape Plan and Extol members released its debut album Heavy Yoke in late 2018; 2020 is going to be the year for their sophomore record, proving that they are serious about this project. The first single “Memories Of An Old Emotion” already indicates that they’ll be sticking to their heavy ‘avant-thrash’ music.

“Memories Of An Old Emotion” is a heavy song, featuring a lot of technical, thrash-y riffs, as well as the pronounced rhythmic component of Azusa‘s music. There’s also their calm and ambient side, which perfectly combines with Eleni Zafiriadou’s vocals. A diffuse and bizarre image is created within the inner eye while listening to this track, a picturesque image ranging from barren landscapes to soft and warming sunbeams shining through dark clouds. On top of this, the sirenic vocal performance really creates a dreamy and washy, yet thoroughly unique sound.

It looks like the band started working on this new record immediately after their tour with The Contortionist in summer 2019. Loop Of Yesterdays will be released on April 10 via Indie Recordings. As the band comments:

Heavy Yoke, was the initial impact, Loop Of Yesterdays is the aftermath. ’Memories Of An Old Emotion’ is a classic no BS Azusa all-over-the-place rifforama. Its the perfect first single for all the right and wrong reasons.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Memories Of An Old Emotion
2. One Too Many Times
3. Detach
4. Seven Demons Mary
5. Support Becomes Resistance
6. Monument
7. Loop Of Yesterdays
8. Rapture Boy
9. Skull Chamber
10. Kill / Destroy
11. Golden Words
12. Ritual Aching

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