Composer and multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Greve is back with some brand new Wood River material, and Everything Is Noise is honoured to have the exclusive premiere. If you’re looking for some deep, genre-bending, and predominately pleasant music, then this could be the one for you. Behold “Future Fun”!

Is it rock? Is it electronic? Is it jazz? Well, it’s kind of all of that, but something different again. Greve is happy to be freely unspecific when it comes to descriptive labels, as this new song shows. Some gentle percussion and elegant vocals comprise the first half of the track, but it quickly revs up in vibrancy as some rocking nuances kick in for the second part. Although “Future Fun” goes through some eclectic motions, it consistently retains its triumphant upbeat prose. It’s truly a song to get lost in.

As wonderful as “Future Fun” is, some might like to be reminded that Greve is also an expert in synths and saxophone, making this the mere tip of her musical repertoire. If you liked this track, then it’s worth delving into her resumé and the many other bands she has worked on. You can can also be rest assured that there will be more Wood River to follow, perhaps even an entire album’s worth. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears primed!

To check out more Wood River and Charlotte Greve’s other projects, visit her website. For all other news and info, visit her Facebookpage.

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