Get it? Altogether now? Because that’s the name of the new Turnover album? Or at least you should know that by the end of this article.

Yes indeed, one of my favorite dreamy pop/emo bands ever has finally detailed the, uh… details of their next album. The trio are calling it Altogether (see? Told you) to be released on Run For Cover Records on November 1, produced by longtime pal Will Yip.

I don’t know what it’s been with bands releasing two or even three songs at once to promote new material, but I don’t hate it. From Turnover, we get “Much After Feeling” and “Plant Sugar”, the former having a more fully-featured music video to go along with it, the latter being a simple listening video with a still image. No matter – they’re both pretty worth listening to, so let’s get to it:

There’s a very, very keen 80s aesthetic here, one that’s really gotten more popular with vaporwave and chillwave’s relentless indoctrination of sad people everywhere this decade. I like that direction for Turnover and it makes some sense, but I do miss that more straightforward, dreamy, almost-Midwest emo sound. From the washy video for “Much After Feeling”, to the cover art for the album (viewable below), to the literal light rock approach of both tracks, we are overcome with classic 80s flair. The drums sound snappier if a little more artificial in places (not damning of their technique, but that tends to be a product of capturing that old 80s sound). Guitars are still just as dreamy as their ethereal past work. Vocals sit more along the sunnier, Good Nature side of things, but vocalist Austin Getz retains what makes his calming cadence so endearing throughout his career.

In other words, it’s Turnover in a neon tracksuit laying on the roof of a parked car at nighttime, crooning up to the starry sky. I do think they’re going too away from the sound that I think they mastered so soon into their career with Peripheral Vision, but I always admire when a band can grow and try new things. Plus, I’ve been known to enjoy music like this, so I don’t wish to pass judgment on these songs until I hear them in the context of the whole album. Regardless, I’ll be checking Altogether out in a couple months as Turnover haven’t wronged me yet and I doubt they will here. Here’s a little peek at the tracklist for the album as well as a low-res-but-actually-high-res photo for the cover art (click it!):

1. Still In Motion
2. Much After Feeling
3. Parties
4. Number On The Gate
5. Sending Me Right Back
6. Ceramic Sky
7. Valley Of The Moon
8. No Reply
9. Plant Sugar
10. Temporary Love

Run For Cover are doing something awesome for the preorder of Altogether. For every preorder made through their label webstore before November 1, they’re planting a tree. So get clicking, everyone! Follow Turnover on Facebook and Twitter, and catch them on their upcoming NA tour as well!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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