The year is nearly over. Based on life things, we are way into December already, the AOTY machine is rolling, but THE NOISE OF has to keep rolling too. Luckily, November unleashed a bunch of fantastic material, so this new episode is an easy task! Except putting it together, that’s always a shit-ton of work.

Vægtløs – Kakofoni

November 3 // Independent

It wasn’t the most impressive year for skramz – sure, we had a couple of cool stuff, but not as densely packed as previous years. So It’s very cool to have something like VægtløsKakofoni so late in the year. It’s a bit short, but awesome enough.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Isla Craig – Echo’s Reach

November 4 // idée fixe records

Isla Craig‘s The Becoming was an amazing little gem back in 2018, which progressed into one of my favorite records of that year. The announcement of her new record Echo’s Reach hit me like a train of excitement, and I’m more than happy that it’s once again an overlooked and underrated masterpiece of art pop and indie.

Bandcamp // Youtube

InTechnicolour – Midnight Heavyweight

November 4 // Small Pond

The UK produced a myriad of fantastic rock bands in the last years – Arcane Roots, Black Peaks, Delta Sleep, just to name a few – and with InTechnicolour, they had their very own ‘little brother of Biffy Clyro‘ thing going on. And with Midnight Heavyweight, the band proved that their are some of the coolest cats on the patch.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Svaneborg Kardyb – Over Tage

November 4 // Gondwana Records

Gondwana jazz should be a thing by now. The label keeps releases fantastic jazz gems (amongst other things, of course), and I’m confident to say that Svaneborg Kardyb‘s Over Tage is one of their very best. A Danish duo with just a Wurlitzer and drums, they unfold some of the most beautiful soundscapes I’ve encountered all year.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Special Interest – Endure

November 4 // Rough Trade Records

It’s hard to describe exactly how Special Interest sound, but if you like industrial, garage rock, indie, and all other kinds of cool stuff, this album is a must-listen. Endure slams.

Bandcamp // Youtube

R.A.P. Ferreira – 5 to the Eye with Stars

November 4 // Independent

I can’t resist it. Whatever Rory touches, be it as milo, Scallops Motel or R.A.P. Ferreira, it turns to gold. With his newest album, he proves once again that he’s one of the main figures in contemporary conscious rap.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Ezra Collective – Where I’m Meant To Be

November 4 // Partisan Records

While this is no match for You Can’t Steal My Joy, music isn’t about competition – it’s about artists expressing themselves and what listeners get out of it. And it’s more Ezra Collective, so my joy is all over the place, unstealable.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Tom Skinner – Voices Of Bishara

November 4 // International Anthem

International Anthem really hit it out of the park this year. There were so many great releases from this label in 2022, and Tom Skinner‘s phenomenal new album Voices Of Bishara is a wonderful and wild jazz extravaganza.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Christina Vantzou – No. 5

November 11 // kranky

Once again, Christina Vantzou provides us with beautiful music – I was (and still am) deeply in love with her No. 4, and was beyond excited to get my ears on her new one. Luckily, she lost none of her magic.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Wickerbird – The Sea Weaver

November 11 // Lost Tribe Sound

An album like a warm blanket, like sunrays, like wind gently wandering through the trees – there is so much to discover if you’re keen on it, but you can also just close your eyes and get lost in those wonderful soundscapes. One of the most beautiful records of the year.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Dream Unending – Song Of Salvation

November 11 // 20 Buck Spin

There is so much beauty to be found in the death/doom realms of Dream Unending‘s Song Of Salvation. There wasn’t that much good doomy stuff out there this year, but with this album, we get that itch scratched in the end.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Fjørt – nichts

November 11 // Grand Hotel van Cleef

FUCK YEAH! It’s fantastic to have this band back at their full potential – Fjørt are Germany’s finest post-hardcore outfit, and they’ve released great album after great album. With nichts, they are still angry and impatient – but also more balanced and sophisticated.


Ben LaMar Gay – Certain Reveries

November 11 // International Anthem

Here we go again. Remember International Anthem? Another great release of theirs is the new album by Ben LaMar Gay, who returns after the fantastic Open Arms To Open Us with his newest, pretty dark and twisted album. You want modern jazz? Go for it, then!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Jean Jean – Fog Infinite

November 11 // A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records

It wasn’t the best year for math rock – while we got a bunch of cool shit, not much really good stuff was released. With Jean Jean‘s newest album Fog Infinite, there was a bright spot within the genre, and it still shines.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Strawberry Girls – Prussian Gloom

November 11 // Independent

Did you know that there was a new Strawberry Girls album coming out? Me neither! It’s a victory nonetheless, because this new record slaps. A surprise, but a welcome one.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Epectase – Nécroses

November 18 // Independent

Sometimes, I just wanna scream good music from the roofs. I know that a lot of people would love Epectase‘s phenomenal new prog black metal offering Nécroses, but due to their relatively unknown name and not that much of PR buzz, it will be overlooked by many. Don’t be one of them and listen to this beauty!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Sun-Mi Hong – Third Passage: Resonance

November 18 // Edition Records

Oh, I love my jazz gems. This beautiful record by South Korean/Dutch percussionist Sun-Mi Hong turned some heads in the Amsterdam jazz scene with her quintet, and now she will hopefully get more international recognition with Third Page: Resonance. There is elegance and energy within these compositions, driven by an addictive pulse.

Bandcamp // Youtube

yungmorpheus – Burnished Sums

November 18 // Lex Records

youngmorpheus has been on my radar for quite some time, and especially his material with Eyedress made him very interesting for my taste. His new EP Burnished Sums is probably my favorite material by him so far, and I hope he continues to do more in that direction in the future!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Weyes Blood – And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

November 18 // Sub Pop

Come on, how could I NOT include this? Weyes Blood seems to be universally beloved, for good reason – her new album, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow, is catchy as hell, and a strong artistic statement. One, if not THE best more mainstreamy album this year.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Scuare x sow – Slippery People

November 18 // Exosciety

I’ve said it before, and I say it again: this year is packed with high-quality hip hop. I was never so connected to the genre, and if people I admire and respect who are more into hip hop wouldn’t agree, I would say this the density of awesome hip hop would be solely subjective. Slippery Poeple is just another example of that, and it’s so fucking great at it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Hedvig Mollestad & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – Maternity Beat

November 18 // Rune Grammofon

Could this be Hedvig Mollestad‘s best work to date? Definitely possible! Teaming up with the outstanding Trondheim Jazz Orchestra ended up being a blast, and in turn, I can’t get enough of Maternity Beat.


isomonstrosity – isomonstrosity

November 18 // Brassland

Let me tell you that you’ve never heard anything like isomonstrosity before. And when you delve into their self-titled album, your year (and your life) will be in a better place. There is so much artistic richness within this album that I can’t even convey half of it. Listen!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Doodseskader – Year One

November 18 // ISOLATION REC.

I stumbled upon this because Tim from Amenra and Sigfried from Kapitan Korsakov are involved with this project, and it’s such a fun mix of styles – you have heavy, sludgy parts and kinda grungy alt-rock stuff, and it works surprisingly well.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Dødsmaskin – Herremoral | Slavemoral

November 21 // ant-zen

If you get scared by the demonic, nightmarish soundscapes of this industrial hellscape – no worries, that’s normal. Just embrace it. There is beauty in it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Elder – Innate Passage

November 25 // Stickman Records

Let’s talk about the mammoth in the room: the weight of Reflections of a Floating World hangs heavy over Innate Passage, Elder‘s newest album. That they still managed to create something so cool, catchy, and compelling speaks for them. A great album by a fucking great band.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review


November 25 // Century Media Records

I was ready to hate this album, but it’s simply too good. I couldn’t resist and helplessly fell in love with its coolness, its drive, and DEM RIFFS! Those riffs! This album is why metal is cool.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Work Money Death – Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction

November 25 // ATA Records

Their last album had an insanely long name and was insanely good. Now, Work Money Death return with their new album, and god damn hot balls it’s great.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Fievel Is Glauqe – Flaming Swords

November 25 // la Loi

Let’s end with something outstanding. Fievel Is Glauque sounds like nothing else, infusing jazz with chanson elegance, or chanson with jazz grooviness – who knows? Their newest album Flaming Swords is probably their finest work to date, and I can’t stress enough that this belongs on your playlist.

Bandcamp // Youtube

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