For Nobody, Nowhere is a blissful yet heartbreaking reminder that we’re all struggling in one way or another.

Release date: August 6, 2021 | Dog Night Productions | Facebook | Bandcamp

I am sure this isn’t the first time you’re reading something along these lines, but holy hell, 2021 has been an insane year overall for music; this is especially so for the world of screamo/skramz. We’ve been spoiled with albums from the likes of Portrayal of Guilt, Dreamwell, Lorem Ipsum, Vientre, and Radura just to name a few; the best screamo/post-hardcore records are always the ones you haven’t heard of. If those names happen to be new to you, I couldn’t recommend them all enough. Nevertheless, there has been no shortage whatsoever of emotionally charged, aggressive tunes that have a special way of soothing our forever-aching hearts. If you want something to painfully relate to, you must check out Raccoon City as their newest album is another hidden gem you won’t want to miss.

Prior to the release of their latest record, I hadn’t the slightest idea who or what Raccoon City (formerly Raccoon City Police Department) are all about. Put in other words, I didn’t even know that they existed until very recently and I am absolutely certain I’m not the only person completely oblivious to their existence. People often say ignorance is bliss, but not in this case here. Upon my stumbling across For Nobody, Nowhere, I knew I came across something special that’ll go overlooked, and I aim to hopefully remediate that. If you have a hankering for some melancholic, moody skramz jams, you’ve most certainly come to the right place. Raccoon City have a special way of colliding pain and beauty into one captivating and succinct musical experience.

From the moment the record starts with the slow and comforting instrumental voicings that open up “Nocturnus”, you’re made clear that Raccoon City are going to bring that guilt-pleasure type of sad tunes. It seems misleading at first with how peaceful and serene the music starts out, but it doesn’t take long for the band to turn that emo-tinged intro into an energetic and aggressive math rock/hardcore riff at double speed. Throughout For Nobody, Nowhere, you’ll find seamless ebb and flow between the emotive, vibrant passages and the irate, chaotic explosions of energy. “Nocturnus” is a fantastic choice for an intro track as it beautifully sets the stage for what is to come.

Although the album is consistently great as a whole, there are many moments in which the band creates something truly special. “Mortality” is heavy with the La Dispute influence and closes out with an earworm of a vocal melody. The anthemic and moving outro to “Menhir” never fails to get me to belt my heart out and is one of my favorite moments on For Nobody, Nowhere. “The Abyss” is one track that features dual vocals that cleverly go back and forth, building some immense tension. Their vocal barrage leads to this savage black metal blast beat that I most certainly wasn’t expecting, in the best of ways. I’d like to indulge more in these countless special moments, but I’ll leave you to explore all the nooks and crannies this magical album has to offer. I’ll say this: you won’t find yourself bored of this music anytime soon.

Lyrically, For Nobody, Nowhere reminds us what it feels to be human, constantly being frustrated with the problems going on in the world that we can’t control, struggling with our own mental health and of those around us, and just trying to get through this long walk we know as life. We as individuals are balancing so many things in life, some better than others, and it is incredibly exhausting. How can we go on to live like this in the world today? Is this life sustainable? Raccoon City‘s latest effort tackles topics like mental health, waking up every day to the same meaningless job just for money to simply survive, and struggling with the realization that the individuals who can make a difference in this doomed world refuse to. These topics only skim the surface here, but they are so easy to connect to because, in the current stage of our world and society, how does one not relate to these moving and powerful lyrics, especially when paired with such a captivating and raw vocal performance?

Raccoon City spill out their souls on their newest effort, For Nobody, Nowhere. This special group seamlessly blends screamo, post-hardcore, emo, and math rock into one infectious yet beautifully painful piece of work. This album is a wake-up call for me of sorts, as it reminds me of the things that I struggle with myself on a day-to-day basis, yet have grown numb and desensitized to. Most importantly, it is a reminder that we all are individuals living our own complex lives. We all have our own issues along with our own dreams and aspirations. Keeping that in mind at all times is something that I believe makes you a better person, as it helps us be more understanding and empathetic of others. We’re all human and Raccoon City bring you back to reality to remember that.

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