Last summer, Everything Is Noise had the pleasure of premiering Zooanzoo‘s full-length album, Neck Out. Now, the honor returns, as they unveil an extremely enjoyable video for album track “May I”.

Neck Out is a free-spirited boat, bobbing along the waters of psychedelic, jazzy trip-hop. Its fearless trek to the uncharted realms of music is captivated perfectly in “May I”. The song is short-lived, and all the more potent for it. In the space of those two minutes of runtime, the new accompanying video manages to display more hypnotic animated visuals than the human brain is surely capable of comprehending. The animation styles are varying, sporadic, and wonderfully unhindered; in their absence of restraint, one can summarize that there is no better match for the music. Check it out!

Of this visual marvel, Zooanzoo had this to say:

‘Making this animated video was a labor of love, on vulnerability, sexuality, confidence and consent. In the end, the video is a series of vignettes, a rotoscoped collage of sorts, mirroring the paralleled narratives that fall in an out of sync with the song, I hope everyone takes something away from it, mainly, respecting each other’s chosen identities’.

Fans of this video are advised to immediately seek Neck Out in its entirety, and absorb the full A-B Zooanzoo experience. It’s a place where all bets are off and no two tracks are alike. You’re unlikely to regret taking the ride.

To hear more from Zooanzoo, visit the band’s Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For news and all other info, visit, the official Zooanzoo Facebook page.

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