Premieres always are some of the most entertaining content to generate at Everything Is Noise, and today’s is certainly no exception as we take a look at the brand new video from the fun indie/artsy rock charmers Frogcodile. “Alien” is the latest single from the upcoming album Favorite Dish, and the song and accompanying video are equally haunting and artistically interesting. The song is a driving force, backed by buzzing electronics and a constantly pounding drumline. The groovy and kind of psychedelic guitar playing and the airy fragility of the vocals bring “Alien” together to be a melancholically energetic piece, musing about the isolation felt from the consumptive digital world.

The accompanying video for “Alien” is a really well done stop-motion claymation done by Philippines based artist Demetrio Celestino. It depicts a small creature that lives in a giant turtle shell for a home, who wakes up with the shell split in half one morning. Throughout the video he struggles to no avail to push the pieces back together and fix it, left dejected and crying through many moments of the video. His hopelessness and helplessness through isolation is a strong parallel to the lyrical themes of “Alien”, and I think it’s a nicely executed and fitting video.

Frogcodile are playing a really creative mix of vibrant electronic music with ambitious and driving rock music, and “Alien” is one of my favorite tracks of theirs already. Favorite Dish is just a couple of weeks away from release, precisely October 29, and this video is a great place to jump in and get a taste for them if you haven’t listened before. If you’re a returning fan, I hope you enjoy “Alien” as much as I did! Be sure to follow Frogcodile on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to check out their Bandcamp.

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