The passage of time is measured, among other things, by ruin and decay. Of all possible human experiences, I would argue the motion of hurling forward, be it through time or otherwise, has the greatest potential to illicit total dread – during the moment you realize the brakes stopped working.

Parisian Synth necromancers SURE expound on these themes in the neon-soaked music video for their latest single, the title track off their upcoming debut album 20 Years, due for release on March 20 via Weyrd Son Records. We are pleased to be premiering it for you here today at Everything Is Noise, right down below:

According to the UN, 20 years is the time left for humanity to slow down its inexorable fall,’ the band says about the song and video. ‘…A beautiful and global tragedy in slow motionWe tried to translate, with our visual language, a kind of hypnotic wandering facing this collapse. Fingers slowly falling one by one. But as long as there’s still things left to burn, the show must go on!’

From the first ominous synths that flicker through the silence, we’re thrown onto a dimly lit road – seen from the first person – our senses of sight and sound consumed by the unstoppable forward momentum. As we race down the darkened road to the synthetic sounds of escalating, shimmering notes, the visuals give way to a neon nightmare – abstract images of flames, and an approaching metallic hooded figure. The music rises to a breaking point, before the whole thing collapses into a silky industrial beat that is as dancey as it is menacing… all while an outstretched hand burns in the night.

Darkwave at its finest, SURE deliver a perfect merger of thematic, auditory, and visual clarity of intent. There is still time to repair the breaks, but if all fails and this is the end, at least it ended with us dancing.

Pre-orders for 20 Years are now live on Bandcamp. Don’t forget to check out SURE over at their website, Facebook page, and Instagram to keep up with their updates, shows, and news.

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