Join us to indulge in the feel-good vibe and upbeat drive of The Entrepreneurs and their new single/music video “Sweet”, which we are glad to premiere to you today. “Sweet” is the final single from the Danish indie and shoegaze-flavoured noise rock trio’s sophomore full-length Wrestler, set to be released on February 26 via Crunchy Frog Recordings. Without further hassle, dip into the band’s signature pool of warm moods and vibrant atmospheres from the player below:

As I said, the band are gearing up for the release of their second album in a month’s time, it being the successor to their acclaimed debut Noise & Romance from 2019. Renouncing the difficult second album syndrome entirely, The Entrepreneurs has managed to avoid practically all pitfalls any younger band – or any band in general – can very easily trip into. Instead of rehashing the best formulas already heard on Noise & Romance, the trio has directed their focus points into the most crucial aspects to carry themselves forward, deepening their sonic impact and refining all the polymorphic layers of their own sound. This evolution is already apparent on “Sweet” and the two singles released prior to it, none of which are carbon copies of each other, and yet they share a unitive undertone and a sense of cohesion. Although the band’s tone lies in a similar ballpark with the likes of Turquoise Sun, My Bloody Valentine, or even Foster The People to an extent, The Entrepreneurs are navigating their own route, and have absolutely no issues in reaching their eccentric destination.

Even though “Sweet” was the first track written for the new album, it feels like a definitive, blissful high moment that is designed to draw people’s attention to The Entrepreneurs as a unit, and as far as I’m concerned, it does exactly that. Referencing the aforementioned second album syndrome once again, it’s not exactly a head-scratcher to figure out why the band felt like they didn’t suffer from that condition to begin with – if the very first song written for your latest effort is of this caliber, do you really need to worry about it any further? No, no you don’t.

The colourful music video showcasing the companionship of a man and his greyhound only strengthens the addictive melodies and rather positive feel that “Sweet” delivers. Speaking of the four-legged friend in question, they also go by the term gazehound. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Still, contrary to that thought, the clip’s tone is far from your run-of-the-mill distorted gaze-y gloom, rejoicing in the kind of grade and sharpness that will probably hurt your eyes if the fuzzy mess that makes up most of that scene’s visuals is your standard. This divergent style walks hand in hand with The Entrepreneurs‘ overall aesthetic, and it’s seemingly impossible to separate the two once you’ve viewed them together. In conclusion I’d say that the entirety these components make up is rather… sweet.

If you like what you hear, make sure to give the band a follow on Facebook and Instagram, and tune in for the new album Wrestler when it drops over here. The band photos were taken by Dennis Morton.

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