Music that isn’t afraid to experiment can often be hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes, trying new things can lead to fantastic results that move an artist’s vision forward into uncharted territories. On the contrary, taking things in an entirely different direction may not sit quite right with me, causing me to potentially never revisit an artist, regardless of if they’re totally new to me or an old favorite. Art is subjective, and some versions of experimentation might not be ideal for every listener.

Well, if you ask me, The Chemical Mind uses experimentation to knock it out of the park every time. The Chemical Mind is an expressive and atmospheric project created by composer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Krueger. His music is not new to us at Everything Is Noise for good reason. The project’s 2019 album Beneath the Shadow It Casts was a haunting and beautiful black metal release that certainly captured my attention when I first listened.

Fortunately, we’re already getting a new album from the project this year. The new record, That Benign Terror, will be released November 13. Two months feels like forever, especially if you’re excited (and impatient) like me. However, you won’t have to wait that long for a nice taste of the album. Today, Everything Is Noise is pleased to premiere the brand new single, “Sisters”!

“Sisters” instantaneously grabbed me and refused to let go during the five-minute runtime. Plenty of previous The Chemical Mind tracks build massive atmospheres in the introductions which grow to become intense and aggressive. However, this new track hits hard from the first possible moment. The power that comes from the thick layers of guitar tracks creates an immersive environment that easily engulfs the listener. In addition, the use of catchy clean vocals and strong harsh shrieks adds tremendously to the impact of the track. The entire track moves into plenty of different moods and areas that will keep any listener on their toes throughout.

If “Sisters” is any indication of what is to come on That Benign Terror, then I’m absolutely thrilled. That Benign Terror will be available on November 13, but if you like what you hear and have never heard The Chemical Mind before, you must go listen to Beneath the Shadow It Cast. It’s an insanely emotive record that captures strong musicality in the best way.

To preorder “Sisters”, check out the project on Bandcamp. If you want to keep up with news regarding The Chemical Mind or the other projects by Nick Krueger, you can find information on Facebook and Instagram.

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