Hello, and welcome again to the premiere zone! As you surely know by now, you’re in for a treat when you click on an Everything is Noise premiere. The Dead Sound have a brilliant new single that channels the 80s synth vibes incredibly, so put on your oversized shades and hop in your nearest DeLorean. You’ll need wheels to properly channel “Into the dark”, a synthpop and post-punk love child brimming with restrained energy and the atmosphere of your favorite classic sci-fi film.

“Into the dark” is insanely catchy with a powerful albeit simplistic chorus that will root itself deep into your brain on the first listen. The instruments are vibrant and spacey, creating an ambiance-laden backdrop for the soft vocals of Karl Brausch to ease you through the song. The near-constant pulse of the music over his cathartic delivery is a really great pairing of elements, all drenched together in endless distortion. The Dead Sound evoke a lot of the same energy as The Jesus and Mary Chain, a noisy and sometimes abrasive post-punk cacophony that never seems to lose itself even when it gets really wild.

The Dead Sound have crafted a killer tune that is just one part of a nine-track dynamic journey in their new album, Cuts. “Into the dark” is a great introduction to the album which is teeming with misanthropy and the right amount of angst. To those who agree with the sentiment that life sucks, it is an anthem to pilot you into the starlit night and help you escape from the day-to-day when it drags you down.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to pre-order Cuts, which will be out July 19 via Crazy Sane Records. You can also follow The Dead Sound on both Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on any new info!

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