Hope everyone is wearing their open-minded pants because today’s premiere is a strange cookie. Vordemfall’s Gravity Problems presents itself as a solid groove-filled doom album, but there’s experimentation that is just as present. This noise rock band delivers impressive bass driven tracks with solid drumming to back it up. It also has soundscapes, artsy sections, and a progressive rock element layered throughout.

The band consists of only two members. Monika Saint-Oktobre handles vocals, bass, guitars, organs, and overall songwriting. The other member Markus Schlagwerk takes up drum duties.

With all of that said, it is with great pleasure that Everything Is Noise premieres the Gravity Problem album stream. Turn on your listening ears and give this a go!

My stand out track after an immediate listen through has to be “My Name Is Who” because I am a huge sucker for a superb closing track. This song brings what you have heard in the rest of the album together into one experience. But not to completely ignore the short numbers, “Smile” is a bite-sized snack of everything Vordemfall has to offer! I can’t express how much better “Smile” gets with every listen – I’ve consumed it more than a handful of times in a row now and I like it more and more.

Tonally, this album has a dark overall aspect to it. The songs consist of either a personal feel or a complex societal story. “Smile” and “My Name Is Who” both follow characters as they struggle against social pressures to finally find themselves while the rest of the tracks show a different path through a more individual lens. Gravity Problems is about speaking out, not remaining silent, and staying determined, but not desperate.

Vordemfall’s Gravity Problems drops everywhere May 24, 2019 through Slowing Records so make sure to give it a listen!

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