Ambient music has an inherently cinematic quality to it; even at its most bare-bones, the genre offers an atmospheric focus few others possess. Adding visuals to this already fertile soil can yield a bountiful harvest of images and emotions. Or, to put it differently, the two can, together, become seemingly magic things.

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Just kidding. Or am I? Anyhow, Czech/Argentinian musician Solbore graces our ears today with a new single off his upcoming Never Alone, Often Lonely record, which is due out on February 16, 2023 via Rainbow Bridge. “Seemingly Magic Things” is a collaboration with producer Inwards, multi-instrumentalist and Art As Catharsis label head Lachlan R. Dale, and Neil Cosgrove, also featuring Nurbolat Kadyrbayev on kobyz. It’s paired with an impressively expressive music video by Spanish filmmaker Michel Gasco, making for a memorable and artful package.

This droning featherweight composition is almost ominous in its presentation, yet retains a floating, if decidedly earthy, demeanor throughout. Solbore knows how to intermingle seeming contradictions to create seemingly magic th- sorry, couldn’t help myself there. Paired with Gasco’s superb shots of extreme landscapes and almost intimate nature footage, this track becomes a powerhouse, which in turn elevates the overall experience.

Says Solbore himself of the song:

I was a little stuck with the record, and this track helped me break through that. While many of the other tracks flowed out effortlessly, this one was much harder. The album was nearly complete, but my approach with synths, software, and instruments I used from the beginning no longer felt quite as fresh, or inspiring. I had to work hard at it, and tried to convince myself that the constraints I felt in writing were a blessing, and that the limitations would help guide the process.

This ended up becoming a collaborative piece, starting with a drone loop from Lachlan R. Dale, then some software processing from my roommate at the time, Neil Cosgrove. I then reached out to Kris (Inwards) for contributions, and finally finished with an improvised Kobyz performance from Nurbolat Kadyrbayev, which I slowed down to 50% of the original speed.

Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without a few words from the video’s director. Thus, here’s what Gasco has to say about his contribution:

This musical piece immediately transported me to those scorching dog days of August, where the sun seems to halt time under the weight of the heat. However, if you venture out of your shelter, you’ll see that despite the prevailing slowness and heaviness, nature continues its unalterable dance.

This experience led me to reflect on the critical moment of unprecedented climate challenges. Nature reveals itself to us relentlessly, reminding us of the urgent need to protect our planet. Nevertheless, by pausing and observing closely, we discover that, despite its brutality, nature is filled with seemingly magical things.

Whether in the hypnotic movement of the clouds, the energetic eruption of a volcano, or the delicacy of a simple spider’s web, we encounter wonders that urge us to appreciate and preserve the astonishing beauty that surrounds us.

As I mentioned earlier, “Seemingly Magic Things” comes off Solbore‘s new album Never Alone, Often Lonely, which will see the light of day on February 16, 2024, via Rainbow Bridge. If this appetizer is anything to go off, the whole meal will be quite delectable! Be sure to keep an eye of all things Solbore, including his Bandcamp page – this isn’t something you wanna miss!

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