Alanna Eileen is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Her newest single, “Lake Michigan”, is a track that ‘references the American landscape and the experience of being far from home.’ The song was born after recording her latest album Artifice in Richmond, Virginia. It was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand, by local engineer Steven Marr this past year. The track is available on all major streaming platforms today, but you can hear it right here as well.

“Lake Michigan” is a scenic love poem overflowing with emotion. Eileen writes about her travels across the Pacific Ocean and throughout the United States, sending the listener on a nostalgic journey of their own. She is accompanied by acoustic guitar and whispering harmonies, both being simple enough to let the words be the focus of the song. Her soft voice floats through your mind and puts your heart at ease.

Eileen does an excellent job of capturing emotion and caressing it in each verse she sings. With feelings of longing and reminiscing, she speaks of missing someone or something greatly. ‘Flying over Lake Michigan I thought I saw your face. It was only a trick of the land. Can you hold something that never leaves a trace, the way I hold you in my mind?’ It is the perfect soundtrack for anyone wanting to get lost in their memories for a moment.

Looking ahead, Eileen has a single launch for the track on August 20 in Lyttelton, New Zealand, and is set to release an album in 2021. You can find Alanna Eileen on Facebook and Bandcamp to follow her upcoming releases and shows.

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