With the coming of spring blossom comes a desire to source the choicest of summer tunes from across the musical spectrum. Everything Is Noise prides itself in delivering these new and tasty beats to your social feeds, and the same could certainly be said about our premiered artist today — Sunset Place. Today we drop upon your ears, the most elegant of tunes; a neo-soul track that rewards the listener with entrancing harmonies, rich layers of instrumentation, and an altogether calming aura. “Still Mourning” is the band’s debut single, and it shows a stunning level of songwriting for such a new artist.

The band themselves are no strangers to the live circuit though, playing to sold-out crowds in Sydney last year, having started performing in 2019. It is now that they have built the reputation do they move into the studio, and the result is an absolute treat. Fans of Hiatus KiayoteSeba Kaapstad, and Jordan Rakei will no doubt be enamoured by Sunset Place, whose command of neo-soul is certainly on a level with their peers. I particularly liked the vocals, which really stood out, and lent beauty to the lyrics.

Sunset Place look set to continue building their reputation in the local scene, with a single release show planned for May 6, and we can only hope for more music as the year continues. For now, let’s get this single on repeat, get the booze out, and enjoy the summer.

Sunset Place 

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Pete Overell

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