Strap yourself in and prepare for an adventure, Planet Battagon‘s latest single from their upcoming EP is absolutely wild. A side of jazz I doubt many of you have experienced before, they utilise old-school drum machines mixed with outer worldly synths and jazz to create a psychedelic trip like none other. The brainchild of Nathan “Tugg” Curran, Trans-Neptunia will launch on October 28 via On the Corner Records – the first full-length from the group. The five-piece comprises multiple percussionists and two horn/flute players, not to mention the many drum machines utilised to create their unique and sci-fi driven sound.

If you’d caught the first two singles released by the group then you’ll sort of know what to expect. Our single premiere today is for the weird and mysterious “Escape From Sedna”, a track that sounds like a really dampened down and moody version of Battles, before extra layers escalate the song into a psychotic adventure through space and time.

Smart horn layers mix with all sorts of samples and sounds, allowing you to find new and exciting moments on each listen. Stretching an impressive six minutes, you are absorbed into the many facets of the track, and it twists and turns through the solar system.

The soundscapes on offer are exciting and lush, with the band preferring not to overuse samples, unless they form the core structure of the track. Even then, they blend perfectly with the other sounds to create an odd harmony that shouldn’t, but does, work. The record will certainly be one to keep an eye out for, not that many nowadays will be using a Pearl Syncussion SY-1 drum synth, that’s for sure.

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