I’m sure most of us have, at some point in our lives, wondered what it’s like to go to space. There seems to be something about the unexplored vastness of space, or maybe just the thought of seeing something no one else has ever seen before, that entices us humans. But how many of us have ever given serious thought to the amount of preparation that would be needed to make a trip to space possible? Parachute For Gordo’s brand new video for their single, “Dalai Llama”, sheds some light.

The instrumental three-piece first started creating their dreamy post-rock compositions in 2012, and today’s premiere is in preparation for the release of their fourth album, Best Understood by Children and Animals, which will be available on February 14 2020 via Beth Shalom Records.

The video for “Dalai Llama” is an adventure in itself. Comprised of footage from astronaut training programs and edited by John Harvey, the retro sci-fi vibe of the video complements the simple charm of the song.

Much like the scenes in the video, the music pulses with anticipation and excitement, in that very distinctive, hopeful post-rock way. The song builds and fades, gently undulating as if it were a cosmic cradle. While the music is complex, it is never overbearing, and all the parts fit together with a natural ease, surrounding the listener in a soothing blanket. It’s a kind of wonder-filled comfort that makes me want to wander around and gaze in amazement at all the things humans have created.

Parachute For Gordo have also announced a handful of UK dates for next year. If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity, you can catch them live on the dates listed below:

13.02.20 – Birmingham – Centrala
14.02.20 – London – Slaughtered Lamb
15.02.20 – Aldershot – West End Centre
16.02.20 – Brighton – The Prince Albert

The rest of us will just have to enjoy their music from a distance – who knows, with a bit of imagination, perhaps our armchairs can even become spaceships.

One of the clever things humans have created is Spotify, where you can find awesome bands like Parachute For Gordo and listen to “Dalai Llama” as well as its two B-sides, a live version of “Decoy Octopus” and an experimental improvisation named “Flight of the Grumble Bee”. You can also head over to Facebook and give their page a like to stay up to date with any future fauna-related endeavours the band may undertake, and, if you want to support them financially, you can download their music through Bandcamp. Now that’s pretty nifty.

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