Guitarist and established solo musician Paolo Spaccamonti is gearing up for the release of his fourth solo album. Due out later this year on Escape from Today/Dunque, the simply-titled Volume Quattro is set to continue a prolific catalogue of works for the Turin-based musician. However, solo efforts are not the Italian’s only creative products. Previous accolades in Spaccamonti‘s ten-year career also include composition for several film and television scores, along with collaborations – both studio and live – with some of the country’s (and continent’s) most noted artists. This has rightfully earned him a spot as one of the leading figures in his field, at least on home soil.

His impressive career aside, the focus for Paolo now is very much on preparing the world for solo album number four, and Everything Is Noise has the pleasure of premiering its first single – “Ablazioni”.

This first single is a beautiful introduction to what you can expect when Volume Quattro arrives on September 20. For the LP, Spaccamonti once again relies on the strength of his creative mind, and his impressive use solely of the guitar. The record is described as ‘sound that uncovers new paths, suggests ideas, chases ghosts.’ Moreover, “Ablazioni” is also a perfect introduction to Spaccamonti‘s compositional skills for the uninitiated. Haunting, simple instrumentals combine with subtle power to convey a tangible sense of foreboding as the layers stack up. From start to finish, the song paints a picture that something just isn’t right: it’s uncertainty captured in musical form.

Certainty can, however, be found in the effectively-minimalist video, directed by the equally-renowned Donato Sansone. Stark figures are glimpsed throughout, briefly appearing under gently-swaying lights in a vision of black and white that echoes the darkness and anticipation of the music itself. One is Spaccamonti himself, the other an unknown woman. Their scattered appearances are intended to ”visualize’ the gloomy atmosphere of…a rarefied dimension in which reality seems to unravel in darkness’, according to Sansone.

Until more on Volume Quattro is teased ahead of the September 20 release, “Ablazioni”‘s instrumental goodness should keep fans satisfied. Its post-rock and (rarely-employed) electronic flourishes are both soothing and sombre. For future updates, Spaccamonti‘s official site and Facebook page are the best places to visit. Paolo‘s music can be heard at label Escape from Today‘s site, as well as his Bandcamp. Like the video in particular? Why not check out Sansone‘s other works too!

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