Get ready for an avant-garde musical assault, because Netherlands are back with a brand new single, and Everything Is Noise is privileged enough to have the exclusive premiere. The small doses provided to listeners from the band’s forthcoming album have been as varied as they are exciting, and this latest offering is no exception. Behold “This Time My Broken Heart Stays Open”!

Whilst both previous singles, “Zombie Techno” and “U.F.O D.U.I”, have showcased the more adrenaline-charged traits of Netherlands‘ identity, “This Time My Broken Heart Stays Open” takes a stroll into the more relaxed side of things… sort of. The song states its intent with some laid-back synths, an ultra slow tempo, and some equally soft vocals. However, anybody familiar with Netherlands‘ work know that conventions settle only for a limited period, and a surprise shift into more turbulent industrial recesses adds a whole new bombastic persona to the song. Genius!

Of this particular track, Netherlands vocalist and guitarist, Timo Ellis, had this to say…

‘The song is an epic doom-synth-sludge power ballad bemoaning humanity’s thus far inability to truly comprehend how grave the already underway environmental mega-catastrophe really is… and for me, it’s the emotional heart of the record.’

The track also sates the excitement for Netherlands‘ upcoming album, Zombie Techno, and hints at even greater possibilities for what the record might hold. Combine this with the supercharged electronic and punk barrages of the previously released tracks and you get an already formidable concoction of work. As a whole, Zombie Techno has the potential to be album of the year material.

It’s just as well then that the wait is already nearly over. Zombie Techno will be released Friday, June 26. You can order the album and support the artists on their Bandcamp page. For all other new and info, visit their profile on The Chain‘s site and the Netherlands Facebook page.

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