We all have regrets, right? One of mine this year is not making the time to review the new Necropanther album, Betrayal. Please believe it was a matter of time and availability, not one of worthiness or lack of things to say – it’s a highly polished thrashathon that veers into other metallic territory with ease and is likely their best work yet (The Doomed City is still really good though). I’m extra proud of them as they’re from the same Denver area I’m from. Slight bias aside, I’m sure you’ll agree they’re a fun-ass band after today’s premiere.

Betrayal is based on the film The Warriors which itself is based on the Anabasis story from ancient Greek writer and soldier, Xenophon. The cover art smacks of that influence with beshadowed figures wielding clubs with the backdrop of a bustling city and Ferris wheel akin to the film’s Coney Island finale. “Into Danger” is the fifth track on the album, bisecting its two dense halves with wily riffs and blinding speed. Today, we got the music video for y’all to see and believe me, it’s a trip that shows off what the band is all about: having fun.

“Into Danger” thematically kicks off the action of The Warriors‘ story with Gramercy Riffs gang leader Cyrus shot dead by the leader of the Rogues gang during a nighttime meeting, pinning it on the Warriors which sends the gangs of dystopian New York into a frenzy. There’s lyrical references throughout all of Betrayal, but it’s perhaps most succinct here on “Into Danger”: ‘Betrayed by the loathsome Rogues/Who came packed and strapped/Who are they in league with?/Who have turned their backs?‘ Sonically, it’s one of the most explosive songs on the album with an almost melodeath timbre grafted onto their trademark thrash metal attitude. Each member fucking slays their respective instruments, as ceaseless as the danger the Warriors face in the film.

The video itself is an interesting parallel with the song and the movie. With the help of Wright’s Amusements, an Elbert, CO-based traveling carnival that services a few states in the South/Midwest of the US, the band set up shop in front of a towering Ferris wheel, riding various rides in between band shots. The band blast searing metal in all directions with the help of a merry-go-round, blow off some steam with a ball toss carnival game, and even get on the big wheel itself for some solos and glamour shots. Joe Johnson’s porcelain white guitar is something to behold for sure, and Paul Anop’s throaty rasp fits right in with the screams you’d hear from carnival-goers. Shout out to Marcus Corich’s thunderous bass and TRVE Brewing hat, and Haakon Sjogren’s drums that really rattle the skull with high amounts of Norsepower (sorry). It shows another side of Necropanther that I’ve always admired. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but more metal bands need to lighten up a bit.

Anyway, this is a wonderful video for a wonderful song from a wonderful album. I can’t stress enough how cool Necropanther are and how good Betrayal is. You can check it out now as it released back on March 3 independently – peep their Bandcamp page or stream it to hell and back on your favorite music service. You can also follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where they’re quite interactive with fans and generally cool dudes. Can you dig it?

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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