Some people say being stuck in the past is a bad thing, but don’t they know the music back then was great? Don’t get me wrong, the music’s fine here! There’s just a certain flair from a few decades ago that’s much appreciated by me and lots of others. Germany’s Mouth must have felt similarly as they’ve built their sound on the progressive krautrock of the 70s and beyond. Two albums in, they seek to bring us a new EP called Past Present Future real soon on June 14 via Tonzonen Records, and we have the premiere of a new song from it right here!

The title Past Present Future is symbolic of the band itself. ‘Past’ is a tip-off to their classical prog rock stylings, ‘present’ represents their utilization of modern production techniques to make their music shine, and ‘future’ to call to their progressive and forward-thinking ethos. It’s stuff I really enjoy, and if you’re into retro rock of the progressive ilk, you’re sure to enjoy it as well. Enough talk – let’s check out “Into the Light”!

This is a real stomper of a track, fusing the worlds of prog rock, krautrock, and a little finely aged noise and punk. “Into the Light” delights in the massive splashy, cymbal-heavy drums of classic rock and the hummable synth leads of prog. Coupled with soaring vocals, thumping bass, and some buzzy and understated guitars, it’s a wonder this song wasn’t unearthed from a time capsule. The video for the song complements the sound well – a washed-out capture of a live performance from the band with excited, giddy heads hopping up and down in front of the stage while their upcoming EP’s logo emblazons the foreground.

It’s so 70s, it should come with a pair of sequin bell bottoms, platform shoes, and tinted aviators. Speaking of accessories, if you like what you hear, you can order Past Present Future on a limited edition 10″ pink vinyl right now by going to the trio’s Bandcamp page or their label’s website. It’s limited to 300 pieces, so don’t wait! If you like your retro rock with some anachronistic convenience, you can also just preorder the album digitally.

Be sure to follow Mouth on Facebook and Instagram as they warp through time song after song. Past Present Future comes out on June 14 on Tonzonen Records!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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