Post rock fiends (and friends) rejoice! There are few things as sweet in life as discovering a gem that scratches each musical itch in those unreachable spots and I found myself one such gem that I am eager to share with you today! These musical itches that I’ve been having lately are of the hypnotic and immense groove types, probably because I’m anxiously awaiting the first part of the Night Verses double record that is set to drop later this week. Now that I say this, I realize that this scratches that precise itch. What is this you might ask, well wonder no longer as Everything Is Noise is here to hook you up with the latest single from MMTH, “RELAIS”.

Hailing out of Munich, MMTH‘s instrumental post rock goodness is as hefty as a mammoth and much like the species, certainly doesn’t deserve to be extinct; they deserve all the attention in the world. They’re set to release their upcoming sophomore record, INFINITE HEIGHTS, on November 17, and “RELAIS” is the first glimpse into its inner workings. While post rock certainly has its genre tropes, MMTH steer clear of that and pave (or rather pummel) their own path within the genre in how they incorporate infectious rhythm and drive into their sound. This band may be as close as we get to reviving the woolly mammoth and I am all for it.

Checking out their earlier material, you’ll hear 80’s shoegaze worship as a sonic aesthetic draped over the wondrous impact that post rock is known to reliably provide, all with modern production value of course. When it comes to “RELAIS”, this is more of an experimental jam-sesh type track that truly does remind me of Night Verses with how groove-oriented this song is, with similar aesthetic and musically hypnotic qualities. I always find it cheap to equate the sound of one band to another, but when the band you’re comparing to is as unreal as Night Verses are, how can you not?

Much like the accompanying music video, of which you can watch above, “RELAIS” takes you on a cinematic journey weaving through stampeding riffs and somber soundscapes that one could drown in. The various facets of the music are so intricately layered that I could easily listen to this particular track on repeat, finding and focusing on something new with each successive listen. It is immensely satisfying following along with the main guitar lead melody and how it transforms as the track ebbs and flows from one contrast to another.

I couldn’t have stumbled upon this band at a better time, so spreading the good word (tunes) is the absolute least I could do as someone else may be having the same itches that I once had. MMTH‘s upcoming record drops in two months, so swing by their socials (Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Band Website) so you can keep yourself well-informed of any news on the band that is released between now and then!

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