In need of some relaxing music? Michael Feuerstack has something for you, namely the new video we are proud to premiere for you today! The Canadian singer/songwriter just released a music video for the song “Where Are You Now” off his latest album Natural Weather, which has been out since May 2018, but is now getting an official European release as well. Make sure to check it out immediately!

About the song

“Where Are You Now” is a soft and relaxing tune that focuses on basic instrumentation and light melodies. Soft synthesizers get one in a very cozy mindset; Feuerstack’s voice adds warmth to the sound, while the additional backing vocals add the song’s title, asking “Where Are You Now”. The video basically shows the singer skateboarding around, which definitely fits the very chill, balanced mood of the song. Feuerstack’s album Natural Weather will finally be released in Europe on March 29 via Forward Music Group!

With his newest record, Feuerstack only wants to ‘enjoy his journey while looking for the scenic route same time’. The album was recorded at his home, with the majority of the instrumentation and vocals also coming from Feuerstack himself. He did have Jeremy Gara join him on drums, while Sarah Neufeld played some violin; background singers Camille Delean, Michelle Tompkins, and Mike O’Brien lent their voices to the songs as well, completing the recording line-up. Within the last 25 years, Feuerstack became a well-known underground artist. He used to go by the moniker Snailhouse in the past, and already worked for artists like The Luyas, Bell Orchestre, Thus Owls, among many others.

Natural Weather album artwork and tracklist

01. Love Is All Around
02. Where Are You Now
03. Jerome & I
04.You Worry Me
05. Heavenly Bells
06. Birds of Prey
07. Don’t Make Me Say It
08. Outskirts
09. Nobody Knows
10. Before You Wake Up
11. Babies In Love
12. Closer

Michael Feuerstack will be touring Europe on the following days:

April 5 – Brussels, BE: La Maison des Musiques (dear.deer.records showcase)
April 16 – Torun, PL: Dwór Artusa
April 25 – Namur, DE: Brasserie Houppe
April 26 – Kassel, DE: Sandershaus
April 27 – Freiburg, DE: Bar am Funkeneck
April 28 – Chemnitz, DE: Boden der Tatsachen
April 29 – München, DE: Heppel & Ettlich
April 30 Wiesbaden, DE: Wakker
May 1 – Bamberg DE: Pizzini
May 2 – Köln DE: Weltempfänger
May 3 – Arnhem NL: Willemeen w/ The Fire Harvest

Make sure to check out his new record and visit his different web presences (Website | Facebook | Bandcamp)!

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