The countdown to Sus is on, and PoiL have been merciful enough to release another track from their upcoming record, just to whet our appetites during the interim. Everything Is Noise is therefore proud to present “Luses Fadas”.

Expect the standard outside-the-box thinking that PoiL ascribe to their music, and then expect it tenfold. Only then will you get a bearing on how cool this new track is. PoiL have always been great, but this song is undoubtedly one of their finest yet. It maintains an eloquent, tribal and funky tempo, whilst upholding the complex and zany characteristics which are a defining feature of the band’s sound. All of their best elements are honed perfectly in this one song. Miss it at your own misery.

Of course, there is a highly acute methodology behind the creation of “Luses Fadas”, though it’s probably better to hand it over to the band and let them explain it in their own words:

‘”Luses fadas” (wilde lights), coitus between the sky and the earth, fish flavoured lollipops, phosphorescent sticks, pussies in flames, master piss of polyphonic occitan wave, hairy and chivalrous!’

No doubt we were all thinking the same thing. But ultimately, “Luses Fadas” makes the wait for the full-length release that much more agonizing. Fortunately, there are only seven more weeks before it happens. Sus will debut April 26 via Dur et Doux. To hear more of PoiL in the meantime, check out their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news and info, visit their Facebook page.

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