It’s been seven years since we were blessed with the charming post-rock sounds of I Hear Sirens, but 2020 heralds a staggering comeback for the band. Everything Is Noise is therefore honoured to premiere the video for their latest single, “Ad Caelum”.

It’s clear, even from the opening bars of this new track, that I Hear Sirens have honed their craft since the already superb sounds of 2013’s Between Consciousness and Sleep. Focusing on the complex nuances of post-rock for the breadth of their career has allowed for an enrichment of guitar tone, percussion, and emotional content. “Ad Caelum” is a heart-stopping anthem, rendered all the more enthralling by its instrumental purity.

Adding another dimension to this song is the thought-provoking and wonderfully shot video, where the relaxed, yet meaningful images are interspersed with an energetic performance from the band themselves. The interwoven narrative, much like the music itself, is largely open to interpretation. Yet it possesses an easily found sense of love and passion, which draws more comparisons with the charismatic sounds of I Hear Sirens.

Ultimately, this is a mere taster of things to come. The band’s brand new full-length album, Stella Mori is less than two months away from release, and promises to be their most accomplished piece of work to date. Having already demonstrated a strong level of solidity in this initial track, there is little doubt that this will be the case.

Stella Mori will be released September 18, 2020. You can check out more music from the band and find pre-order links for the new album at their Bandcamp page. For all other news and info, visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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