Grasscut is a wonderful ambient electronic duo who you are likely to have heard, even if you’ve never heard of them. Having had their music used in several shows with international airtime, they have certainly made lasting impressions with their music. It is simplistically beautiful, easily accessible, and listenable for just about anyone, rife with orchestral arrangements and ambient synth. I am pleased to tell you that today Everything Is Noise premieres the first new track from Grasscut in over five years with “Return Of The Sun”.

The song is a great re-emergence for Grasscut after their years away. It’s the perfect time for uplifting music, and frankly there is a dire need for it in the world currently. This track is very much a fitting example, as it is about finding hope in the dark. We wait for the sun to shine again, as it does on this song. There is also a nice balance of melancholy and vibrancy present here. Deep double bass and hypnotic bass clarinet accompany intense strings over a looping pianola and the soft vocals of Andrew Phillips. There is a feeling of confinement and longing for release in the lyrics that really resonates in the present climate, and overall it’s just a really touching and beautiful track.

“Return Of The Sun” is the lead single from Grasscut‘s newest album, titled Overwinter, which is set to release on February 12 of the rapidly approaching 2021. This album follows its predecessor, Everyone Was A Bird, being released through Lo Recordings. Pre-orders for “Return Of The Sun” are available now on Bandcamp, and it will be available on all major streaming platforms as well as having a video to look out for. Be sure to follow Grasscut on Facebook and Twitter for more updates, including this really cool snippet from Phillips himself about “Return Of The Sun”.

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