Certain genres and styles of music can allow you to fully escape the pressures of the day, taking your mind to a place of relaxation. Ambient and classical music is a popular go-to, even better when these are merged or presented alongside further inspiration or stylistic influences outside the norm. Regardless, it is not enough to just release music with this tag, it takes a special type of composer to present a track that will take you to another world. Today, Everything Is Noise is delighted to present an exclusive premiere that should do just that, with the music video for “Still”, the latest release from Cologne multi-instrumentalist Schäfer.

“Still” opens with a hugely captivating arpeggiated synth, immediately attempting to pull the listener in to a trance that Schäfer aims to keep you in for the four-plus minutes that follow. Instruments are introduced and layers built so very subtly throughout the track, making you wonder how it went from a single instrument to a multi-layered merging of noise in a few short minutes. Glitchy electronics provide a solid undertow to the track, pushing and pulling it along at just the right moments. A truly enchanting track that will leave you excited for further exploration of Schäfer‘s work.

The visual accompaniment is much like the track itself. Repetitive industrials scenes flash on the screen alongside lo-fi clips of an individual contorting their body into a range of shapes. With a similar hypnotic feel, the flashing images complement the auditory journey, letting the listener melt into Schäfer‘s world. There are moments of nervous reflection in both music and visuals though. A high pitched warble catches the listener off-guard at various points throughout the track, breaking the trance before settling back in to a place of comfort. Similarly, the focus of the video spends most of the time in the distance in their own world, before finally slowly approaching and staring directly into the camera, leaving you feeling a little uneasy to finish.

“Still” is part of the upcoming six-track release Mosaik 127, to be released 12 November 2021 on Acoustic Motion Concepts. You can pre-order a physical copy by visiting the label website. In the meantime, if you have liked the video and composition above make sure to keep up to date with upcoming news and releases by visiting the Instagram page and the official website.

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