It’s with great joy and excitement that we premiere some new music for you today! Here we go with Maraton‘s new single “Mosaic“, off their upcoming record Meta.

Maraton once again testify to the genuine musicianship of Norway with their great mixture of modern prog metal, pop, and rock influences. If you were lucky enough to attend the latest Leprous tour with Agent Fresco and 22, you’re already familiar with the band’s singer, Fredrik Bergersen. Fredrik was singing for 22, and did a great job adding his unique timbre to the musical context of 22. Continuing the reference to 22, I must admit that Maraton‘s music sounds very familiar in comparison.

About the song

“Mosaic” features a lot of great rhythmical patterns that work in a very Leprous-y way. On top of that, there are these droney garage/noise rock guitar sound and these great electronic elements that make this song even more intriguing. The very full and huge-sounding vocals of tenor Fredrik Bergersen really do the magic on “Mosaic”; especially the refrain’s ‘Show me that I’m not really gone!‘ line with the tambourine in the background is super catchy, and Bergersen’s high falsetto delivery is downright astounding.

As the man himself comments on “Mosaic”:

‘Sometimes when an inspiration is not present, it can feel really hopeless and like you are suffocating. There is so many possibilities, so many things you can do, there’s just too much. For me it has even resulted in depression. “Mosaic” is about this. How to find inspiration in not having inspiration. “Show me that I’m not really gone!”‘

It seems like Maraton found the pop music appeal in the music of Leprous and mixed it with the style of 22 into something utterly mesmerizing. There’s even a hint of Muse within the electronic components and more radio rock-ish side of “Mosaic” that made me super curious about the upcoming full-length record!

Speaking of, Meta will be released on January 25 via Indie Recordings. Make sure to follow the band’s Facebook and Instagram profiles to not miss updates on this!

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