Doom metal is a genre that’s (ironically) a delight for me to revisit from time to time, especially when it concerns its subset of melodic acts. Such is the case of Wooden Veins, an Europe-based Chilean doom quintet that are set to unleash their sophomore album Imploding Waves, and Everything Is Noise is excited for you to have the opportunity to stream it in its entirety before its scheduled release date! If you enjoy your doom emotionally hard-hitting with equally excellent musicianship, then you’d might want to stick around with me for a bit longer.

I think it’s safe to say that us doom fans occasionally tend to be on the lookout for the most crushing riffs or the gloomiest musical passages within the realm of this particular sound. It’s gratifying for sure, though at times you’re left with a final product that’s lacking substance. Imploding Waves is quite the opposite from this, as Wooden Veins manage to balance atmosphere, emotional depth, and dynamic songwriting into masterful execution, easily capable of joining alongside the streak of solid metal records that have been released this year thus far.

The appreciation for this all-encompassing songwriting is notable right from the first song “Dreamside Death”, a driving opener with poised instrumentals that sway along with harrowing vocals that both call back to the greats of this genre and have a character of their own. The synths placed in the background also add a nice brightness to the track, a creative decision that is laced throughout the album and which gives it a more layered and textured sonic climate that makes the listening experience much more satisfying.

The flow and overall soundscape of Imploding Waves is akin to the teasing of austere mists rather than taking a plunge towards the void – a cadence that announces its presence through its sedative lulling yet never is afraid to become a menacing tempest when needed to be. There’s authority to songs such as “Tearing Seas” and “Kaimerah” that enhance the moods and lyrical matter of the record to sheer poignancy, described by the band as being about ‘dreams, death, and change, the mixture of these elements and their manifestation in ourselves and the world arounds us‘.

Meanwhile, the interlude “L’apelle du Vide” and the track that follows it, “Skies”, shine through their experimentation. Embellished drum patterns and intricate rhythmic grooves coalesce with the sullenness of the general musical performance, only amplified by an earthly production that is both lively and pummeling. Conversely, “The Dreamer” and “Ganymede” style textbook doom sensibilities in its pacing and measured musicality, but carried out with a command whose impact never wanes and with vocal passages that I assure will haunt you for days.

There are many more great things to talk about with Imploding Waves, but for now, please do yourself a favor and give it a proper spin! And if you’d like to learn more about Wooden Veins and their past (and future) works, visit their official website and give their Facebook and Instagram pages a follow while you’re a it.

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