Grindcore can be fun too. In fact, grindcore very often enjoys not taking its image and persona too seriously. Couple that with some smart innovation and you get bands like Norwegian noise-monsters, Beaten To Death. The band have returned with a brand new track, “Catch Twentyfvck”, and Everything is Noise is honored to have the exclusive premiere.

“Catch Twentyfvck” is the next all-out teaser for the band’s upcoming fourth studio album: Agronomicon. At just under two minutes long, the song is a noisy deceleration of rule-smothering rawness. It possesses some distinct grindy traits – the relentless riffage and the hellish vocals to name but two – but the chaotic construct of the song is remarkably unique. Beaten To Death clearly put a lot of time and care into their beastly outbursts, and manage to project an offbeat sense of affection to their music. Trust me, it’s there… And also, that bass!!

But long-term fans of the band will already be used to this level of emotive output, as Beaten To Death have been going against the grain of general grindcore consensus since their debut album in 2011. All signs are thus pointed to Agronomicon being their most monstrously refined piece of work to date.

Of this new single, Beaten To Death had this to say:

‘”Catch Twentyfvck “describes how one is willingly trying to escape one’s own miserable condition, but unfortunate circumstances keep you in your place and keep grinding you down. We’re a bunch of whining emos at heart’.

And we love them all the more for it. Agronomicon will be released December 24, 2018. You can hear more Beaten To Death on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news and info, visit their website and Facebook pages.

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