Like so many others in my generation (and beyond), I grew up watching the popular anime of back in the day after school. The Dragonball series was among the best of its time, no doubt about it. I’m sure that many among our readership remember it as fondly as I do. Now if I were to tell you that there exists a Dragonball Z-themed instrumental prog metal band, would you believe me? If yes, this premiere we’ve got lined up for you today will absolutely make your weekend; if no, well, I’ve got proof right here, so you better start believing! Enigmatic solo artist Andromeda brings the Dragonball universe to life once more in his synth-heavy take on instrumental metal, mainly through the use of samples from the actual anime. I have no doubt that it’ll make some of you feel some grade-A nostalgia, so let’s get right into it!

In case you didn’t realize yourself, the song’s named after one of the biggest baddies in the Dragonball universe: Majin Boo, the chubby pink demon created by Bibidi the magician. God, I feel like such a nerd for remembering that. Anyway, the music Andromeda composed is nothing to sneeze at even aside from the awesome contextual references! The slightly djent-y riffs and groovy drums are merely a catalyst propelling the amazing synthesizer performance and flashy guitar leads. “Majin” really sounds like it should accompany an epic fight scene, its bombastic synths in particular making for an incredibly forceful listen. Or in other words: the power of this song, it’s over 9000!

Check out “Majin” below:

This is the part where I would usually tell you to follow Andromeda on Facebook for more information on the artist and upcoming music. Alas, no such profile exists; only an Instagram account sparsely documents the artist’s existence, so go follow him there if you are on that platform. As a fan of epic instrumental metal, you should try your damnedest to keep an eye on this project at any rate, because it’s unique and nostalgic in all the right ways.

Dominik Böhmer

Dominik Böhmer

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