We love premiering awesome music for you here at Everything Is Noise, so of course we chose to premiere a live video from eclectic jazz wizards AlarmistSequesterer, the new LP from the trio, is due to come out next Friday. The newest single, “Expert Hygiene”, released just a couple of weeks ago and definitely impresses with its impish hook and off-kilter synth-laden jazz grooves. Alarmist had one last surprise for us before Sequesterer with their Small Pond performance today.

The intricate arrangement of “Expert Hygiene” is made all the more apparent when you see it live. Watching two dudes play guitar and multiple synths so effortlessly over the course of one song is mind blowing to me. The impeccable drumming remains consistent and sharp throughout the whole session, keeping the rhythm nice and tight. It makes for a great song, and a great playthrough.

The intimacy of live performances such as this is always wonderful. I always get excited to see musicians on Tiny Desk or similar performances. There’s something magical about seeing some of your favorite music recreated in such a setting. Not everyone can make it to concerts, and sometimes at concerts it’s hard to focus on just the band performing. I live for these videos for this sentiment.

Sequesterer comes out on July 19th through Small Pond Recordings (Art As Catharsis for Australian fans). You can pre-order the album through Bandcamp. Be sure to follow Alarmist on Facebook and Twitter as well for any future updates. They have tour news coming up, so that’s definitely one reason to keep an eye open!

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