Welcome back to the second episode of The Summer Jam 4: Jump The Shark! Our featured musical guest today is Helen Svoboda, bassist/vocalist of Australian prog/electronic/nu jazz/neo-classical quartet The Biology of Plants. You can find her picks below!

Helen Svoboda

While spring brings in a wave of new growth and pollen (hello allergies!), it is the Australian
summer that offers a diverse palette of delicious scenery – and perhaps a little less greenery – due to the insanely hot days amongst our most iconic season. There is nothing quite like the warm summer wind that blows in the grass along the coastline, and the familiar rustle of the trees amidst a pending storm. This is what shapes the Australian summer, in a state of unpredictability and excitement. And yes – plants thrive in the summer. And I absolutely love plants.

Paul Simon - "Graceland"

This is the ultimate ‘feel good’ song for me. The infectious groove and quirky bass/guitar lines are contagiously joyful. A perfect soundtrack to a sunny afternoon on the verandah (…if you have a verandah). If you don’t have a verandah, I suppose it’s okay too.

Joni Mitchell - "Big Yellow Taxi"

Mitchell is the ultimate storyteller. This song evokes the importance of appreciating what you have, and not taking things for granted. It directly refers to the destruction of nature for the sake of commercial building. In a changing environment, this song is my summer anthem and is a solid reminder to appreciate the beauty of our natural world.

The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

I have to admit, I don’t actually know what this song is about. But it has been one of my favourites since my teen years and I think it always will be – it’s full of nostalgia. Plus, it has accompanied me on many road trips up and down the coast.

*Mandatory safety notice: head banging is not advisable while driving.

Stevie Wonder - "Sir Duke"

This song is the definition of happiness. I’m the world’s most awkward dancer, but when this plays I actually feel inclined to move my body…

Bon Iver - "Towers"

This song is simply so uplifting. Even on the 40 degree days when I feel like a sweaty human vegetable. It’s undeniably blissful.

Many thanks to Helen for sharing this delightful list with us today! Her band, The Biology of Plants, has released a new album back in June via Art As Catharsis. You can stream/buy it here. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well.

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