Everything Is Noise is proud to premiere the brand new video for AKE, whose staggeringly surreal album, I remember the trees, came out last month. “We’d have deserved a better future” is a markedly intense moment in the record, and so some equally bewildering visuals are only appropriate. Give your eyes a rub and step inside!

The video is based around some relatively basic shots of the corpse of a tree, modified with an unforgiving cascade of textures and pixels, which blend, merge and glitch without pause to evoke a relentless feeling of discomfort. ‘Why?’ you ask. Well, the video is a reflection of the song, “We’d have deserved a better future”, which in itself is a small piece in the broader themes of I remember the trees.

As stated by the artist, supposedly in future-tense, “We’d have deserved a better future” is a direct reflection of humankind’s inherent failure to protect the natural world when it needed help the most.

‘Deprived of our ability to see the beauty of nature, we have witnessed its destruction without doing anything. We didn’t do anything and now it is too late.’

Similar themes cover the breadth of I remember the trees, as it depicts a post apocalyptic reality, where climate change has had its way and those wondrous green giants are no longer to be seen. Using the most minimalist and abstract of electronic measures, AKE achieves much in this record. It’s an eerie, unrestrained and often melancholy soundscape which, when coupled with the magnitude of its subject matter, does a remarkably good job of making us reflect on the hapless course of our turbulent future on this Earth.

I remember the trees is available to hear, multi format, via TRST Records. You can check out more from AKE on his Spotify page. For all other news and info, visit his Official website and Facebook page.

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