Life is fleeting. An ever changing cycle of birth and death, the fragility of this cycle shapes the work around us in almost every aspect. From the ever moving seasons to our very own lives everything around us is temporary. The anxiety felt by these changes is ever present, it’s in our very nature to try and make sense of that which we simply cannot begin to fathom. To simply understand.

To begin to soundtrack these anxieties is no mean feat. This daunting task however falls firmly at the feet of Jerome Alexander better known by the moniker Message To Bears. Since returning to his hometown of Bristol following five years in the bright lights of London this retreat to the homeland can only be seen as a revelation for Alexander.

With his new abode bordering a local woodland daily walks are a common occurrence, this plunge back into nature is the best way to meditate on the changing world around you and time in a home studio provides the necessary comforts to let that creativity flow.  The aptly named fifth album Constants is the result of this necessary self reflection allowing Alexander to pool and distil these observations into a new offering for Message To Bears, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to offer the first single from this offering “All We Said”.

With gentle acoustic guitars and shimmeringly vibrant electronics all underpinned by swelling strings that bring warmth and texture. “All We Said” is the perfect start to a summer haze. As the album blooms around this track so effortlessly this is a perfect introduction to what is to come and if it can stick the landing – dare we say it a great first step toward album of year territory.

Be sure to check out the previous offerings from Message To Bears via their Spotify or Bandcamp pages. As well as keeping up to date with the band on their day to day via their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Constants releases worldwide on July 19th, limited edition CDs and Vinyl are available from the bands Bandcamp and the record is available to preorder digitally from everywhere music is sold.



'Don't it beat a slow dance to death?'

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